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Where Art and Music come together
2 6 5 5 Chorus 5 5 4 6 Peggy Guggenheim Collection 7 7 6 7 Interpreti Veneziani 4 6 5 6 Museo della Musica 3 2 3 3 Scuola Grande di San Rocco 6 3 2 2 Fondazione Querini Stampalia 4 4 7 4 WELCOME! Elegant and precious, made of gold and Istrian stone, Venice is inimitable
and unmistakable with its monumental halls guarding the talent,
the inspiration and genius of the artists destined to be united here forever.
A global heritage of Unesco, the city of the Doges has its own magic, annually attracting fascinated visitors who are captivated by the charm of its enticements and treasures.

Be sure to take enough time to admire the art and listen to the music that comes alive in the museums, churches, and palaces, recounting the brilliance, culture, and history of the city.
Since you cannot see everything in a single visit, we suggest an itinerary that will satisfy you and will encourage you to return soon.
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12 12 12 12 NEWS Interpreti Veneziani and the resauration of two major artworks in the oldest church in Venice (San Giacomo di Rialto)