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1 1 1 1 Museums Fondazione Querini Stampalia If you wish to discover a different Venice, Querini Stampalia is waiting for you. In the heart of the city, an ancient and noble palace welcomes you. It is a journey through time... Chorus The Churches of Venice, the soul of the City. The churches of Venice guard of one of the world’s most extraordinary art treasures. Thousands of years of... Museo della Musica Antonio Vivaldi and his time, musical instruments over the centuries. The Artemio Versari collection. The Museo della Musica is an exhibit dedicated to one of... Peggy Guggenheim Collection The Peggy Guggenheim Collection is the most important museum in Italy for 20th-century European and American art, created by the American heiress Peggy Guggenheim... Scuola Grande di San Rocco In the heart of Venice, where art, culture, and holiness come together. Established as a confraternity in 1478, the Scuola Grande di San Rocco was officially...