1 1 1 1 Back at Palazzo: an homage to Lyda Borelli, Count Vittorio Cini's first wife A monograph at Palazzo Cini celebrates actress Lyda Borelli, one of the most charming Italian performers of the early 1900s, an icon of liberty and quite the modern woman. Curator Maria Ida Biggi presents the result of a study on the actress's career, reconstructed with archive documents, new and original material, portraits and a photo gallery. Borelli personified the modernity of her time: she was an emancipated woman and it showed in the characters she played as well as in her real life. She wore jupe-culotte pants, she flew airplanes, she drove her cars. Screenings will take place at La Fenice Theatre on 19,21,22 September and 8 November.

The exhibition at Palazzo Cini, San Vio, will run until 15 November.

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