1 1 1 1 HIstorical Regatta: races and parade, 30th August 5 p.m. at Querini Stampalia Foundation
The Venetian rowing, the national sport of the Republic of Venice, relives today in the Historical Regatta. A suggestive race in the Grand Canal deeply rooted in the corsi and freschi, actual strolls by boat, occasions of encounter, worldliness and amusement in the Summer evenings.A storytelling event with multiple narrators about Venice and his history through archive documents and paintings of one of the most important families of the Serenissima: the Querini Stampalia.

A fascinating journey to discover the origins and the traditions of a celebration that has been lasting for centuries.The activity, offered in Italian and English, is in collaboration with Ca' Foscari Alumni and Venezia è Unica. 15 euros per person:

- Themed visit and display of unpublished documents

- Aperitif Italian and English 

Reservation required

For reservation and information:didattica@querinistampalia.org
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