1 1 1 1 Interpreti Veneziani's Christmas Concerts at San Vidal Interpreti Veneziani, the prestigious Venetian baroque ensemble, are happy to invite you to their Christmas concerts at the church of San Vidal.

The church, location of the XVIII concert season, offers the visitor the possibiity of enjoying an excellent performance in a historical-artistic surrounding which integrates the musical with the visual experience of works by, for example, Vittore Carpaccio (the Pala di San Vidal). For a complete description of the church please click here 

http://www.chorusvenezia.org/chiesa-di-san-vidal />
The church is open on a free-entrance basis every day from 10:00 a.m. and hosts a permanent collection of prestigious and antique string instruments "Violins in Venice", part of a larger private collection of Prof. Artemio Versari.

Please check here for the dates, times and programme of the upcoming concerts.

Interpreti Veneziani wish you a very happy Festive Season.

For futher information and bookings please visit
www.intepretiveneziani.com or call 041 2770561/en

Interpreti Veneziani
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